3D Street Art

3D Lego Chalk-painting by peter westerink.

3D Lego Chalk painting by peter westerink.

3D Lego Chalk-painting by peter westerink.


  1. I like the unfinished one almost better than the finished version.

  2. Bloody hell! That’s good.

  3. I love these 3D street paintings. It’s all very clever

  4. thanks for visiting carefreecomposition!

  5. scratchatary


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  7. Good stuff, love this kinda thing, thanks for the share

  8. That is some crazy as ish!

  9. that is an amazing piece! I don’t know which iteration I prefer, but both are very cool.

  10. Brilliant – and thank you for your visit to art rat cafe…

  11. Very cool, thanks for your like on my Chiang Mai walking street post.

  12. This is far out! and thanks for liking my blog!

  13. So cool. Love the street art – it is amazing what they can do and how they can deceive the eye!

  14. This is cool. What an incredible artist this guy is. Thanks for the likes on my photography blog. Appreciate it!

  15. Cool!you’re a genius!

  16. Thought you might like this. 3D street art of the geological kind

  17. luccy1412

    amazing :)

  18. That’s pretty awesome.

  19. Always amazed by how people managed to create 3D images like these…thank you for sharing~ Cheers!! :D

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