• we are jealous :) .. maybe we will go in autumn or next year…send us a pic :)

  1. What a stunning pic. Wish I could go there (then again, I can’t see the airlines and passport control people appreciating a visit from 2 people, 1 dog and 3 cats)

  2. This is one of the places I want to visit. Someday I will take a picture of this too. :-)

  3. Absolutely love this! I’m Italian myself but due to personal circumstances I’ve only ever visited Italy 4 times in my whole life – mainly the south east region of Puglia! I hope to move to Italy very soon! Good post!

    • thank you … we wish you best of luck for the potential move! send us a postcard if you do :)

  4. J.L. Shenstone said:


  5. A note to say how much I enjoy the imagination and originality of your blog…

  6. I couldn’t agree more with Lidia de Leon in the previous post! And the Venice photograph is sublime. There are some fascinating buildings in the world as well as some ghastly ones!

  7. We have this same shot but had neglected to note the campo/calle so thank you! – Ours was taken in the sun and heat – too hot actually.

  8. hey, jeez, fabulous blog!
    No really, you’re funny, serious, smart, whimsical…fury – you’re fury!

    Good, good stuff! I’m glad I found you…although you just liked a blog code on my site!

    hahaha! Onward!

  9. Some reason seems like a perfect place to be. Most think rain is dreary, but this picture has warmth and comfort.

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