1. drewpan said:

    The tripods are invading! And this time, they’ve picked up some camouflage skills!

  2. RDoug said:

    Spooky looking in the fog. So, what the heck is it?

  3. Leo said:

    Is that a man or machine with lots of balls. :-)

  4. Very cool structure captured in a very cool photograph.

  5. This makes my reflection insect look insignificant, you really have done fantastic.

  6. Phil said:

    We want to see this at Burning Man!

  7. I especially like this construction because it integrates metal sculptural elements with organic elements. I like this sort of integration because I think both metal and the more obvious organic elements both can be recognized as emanations of the earth, you know? Metal comes from ore in the earth, as do the forms of animals and flora. Anyway…that’s a notion I walk around with in my head.


  8. Wow . . . I feel like seeing one of Star Wars’ scenes

  9. Memo said:

    very nice.. the fog gives it a spoky effect.

  10. Something tells me that’s not an organic Christmas tree… : )

  11. I like the combination of metal, light and nature. Very cool!

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