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Liyuan Library by Li Xiaodong Atelier china timber architecture reading books beautiuful architecturall photography blog best wordpress

Liyuan Library by Li Xiadong Atelier near Beijing, China / photographs by Li Xiaodong


  1. Very cool. Love all that shelf space. :-)

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    I reposted this from Library Living A WordPress blog. I admire this library for it looks like relaxing and surely I will love to read books here……….

  3. This is fantastic.. c

  4. Running Out Of Ink


  5. When can I move in? ; )

  6. This is so much better than any imaginary library I’ve built in my mind, move over ‘Beauty and the beast”

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    Love the design and the variation and the knots in the wood. Such a simple design, but a bold statement.

  8. I’m quite into thinking about libraries since the central part of my Narnia addition will be the Library at Cair Paravel, where I plan to shelve the 600 or so kids’ books I’ve collected over the years. Mine won’t be quite as grand as this one, but hopefully a place the grandkids will want to spend many afternoons!

  9. Nothing better than good, effective but beautiful design! Wonderful!

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