• thank you for the reblog :) it seems indeed a wonderfully peaceful place

    • it is indeed…how is that cabin of yours doing? .. the one damaged by a tree was it?

      • How kind of you to ask. Yes, a tree fell on it but the roof is repaired now. Unfortunately, the cabin isn’t winterized so we said good-bye to it for the winter. We will be back in the spring!

      • ah nice..glad to hear its okay…not much beats a getaway cabin ;)

  1. fransiweinstein said:

    I’d like to be there right now.

  2. Reblogged this on crampedwriting and commented:
    Had to reblog this. This would be my dream home, or at the very least the perfect writer’s retreat. Beautiful!

  3. Oh! Thank you for finding my dream home! That’s so nice of you! :) Gorgeous setting, very compelling.

    • thank you for the reblog ..it seems indeed like the place to be ;)

  4. Even in the middle of all the snow, what I focus on is the warm light in the cottage. Beautiful!

  5. One can always dream… although it might be hard to nip out for some milk when you run out…

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