1. This image is amazing!!! I had once the opportunity to watch little turtles going at see in a Mexican beach and it is a wonderful event!!! I hope there be more protection for this wonderful animals! In some beliefs they represent wisdom :) Thanks for the pic!

    • that must have been wonderful to see…thank you for sharing and for stopping by :)

  2. Reblogged this on Tales of Energy and commented:
    A wonderful pic of one of the bravest animals in the world!!!

    • yes, it is indeed a brave little one ;) .. thank you for the reblog

  3. Borjok said:

    Reblogged this on Ninja Munchies and commented:
    Transporting words from my head to a page does not come easy for me. maybe because I think too much that my fingers can’t keep up.

    I tend to think of one thing, then another thing, then something totally unrelated, then I think about how the train of thought works…now I’m thinking about locomotives…See! The ninjas in my head are such a mess!

    I’m getting ahead of myselves again. I need to console my self with the answers I have been given, I need to believe in them, I need to let it all go.

    • thank you for the reblog .. letting go usually helps when clearing up a mess ;)

  4. Reblogged this on Tracey Paleo and commented:
    Turtles are one of my creatures. I just love them. So when I saw this photo I just had to reblog from my friends at hovercraftdoggy. Their photos ROCK! How cute is this little guy?

    (yeah sure they bite, but so far any time I’ve gone swimming with them, they’ve been pretty nice to me. I have no complaints. lol)

    • thank you very much for the reblog :) .. we would love to go swimming with them little ones too one day.

  5. this image is so full of hope. I recently read about “bycatch” and how hundreds of sea turtles and other sea animals die for one plate of tuna….this image prove there is maybe still hope

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