We are hanging on

Trolltunga norway rock view wallpaper landscape photography stunning nature cliff mountains hanging Trolltunga is a piece of rock that stands horizontally out of the mountain above Skjeggedal in Odda, Norway

Trolltunga, The Troll’s Tongue near Skjeggedal in Odda, Norway / unknown photographer




  1. Spectacular curation on your part, as always. Breathtaking, in this instance, would sound like an understatement!

  2. wow…that’s vertigo inducing!

  3. Wow what a image where is it?

  4. That is a crazy great shot!

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  7. The Outdoor Times

    That is a stunner.

  8. He got to the promontory, but does he get the point. :)

  9. Could be hanging on or taking a leap. (Either way, it’s risky and brave)

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