We need to calm down

pool water photography illustion optical swimming pool edge nils holgersson Forced perspective photography is a perfect example of how the camera can play tricks with your eyes. A simple adjustment with the positioning of your camera or subject can twist the perspective of a shot and alter a bit of reality.

Forced perspective photograph by Nils Holgersson




  1. That is just plain creepy. I may have nightmares tonight.

  2. This isn’t creepy for me but totally magical. I love it. Love how the photographer chose this particular orientation. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I took a stab at this kind of thing in my recent blog http://wp.me/p1OEK6-B4

    You’ve inspired me!

  4. Nice shot, Really a photographer can make a perfect moment for a perfect effect to change our mind. I Like this and also like the photographer.

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