golden gate bridge construction cable suspension bridge usa san francisco balance construction worker balancing standing on steel cable view

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge / courtesy of the WorldWide Archive, original photographer unknown


  1. This looks so scary

  2. Vraiment impressionnant !

  3. Anne Bonney

    What a beautiful interpretation of this iconic structure.

  4. Yikes, don’t look down!

  5. I get anxious just looking at these kinds of views. Beautiful image. Makes me wonder how many people died making that bridge.

  6. CitraGran Cibubur

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  7. I was in SF Friday thru today. That photo is of me.

  8. It’s a long way down!

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  10. shallweassume

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    Not your average tightrope walker

  11. It’s uncompleted way. Never work in this way if it’s not complete. Its make an accident.

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