We are hungry

Pizza topping stone oven backed pizza amazing with figs honey rocket ingredients tomatoes fresh produce healthy green vegetable pizza

wonderful homemade pizza with many fresh healthy ingredients from rocket, tomatoes, honey and figs / Source

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  1. ahaa! How beautifully shot and yummy (and not to mention vegetarian, I think) … It’s perfect for me! :D

  2. Jon says:

    Hmmm… Not so sure about figs on a pizza!!!

  3. My French Heaven says:

    This makes ME hungry!

  4. W Jones says:


  5. caroline1t says:

    Love figs! They must be one of my favourite foods. I think I’m going to make that tonight. Now I’m hungry too!

  6. oooh ahhhhhh pizza, honey & figs – sign me up pahleeeeeeze!

  7. anamchapa says:

    Now you make me hungry!

    1. thats not a bad thing ;)

      1. anamchapa says:


  8. Wow, delicious Pizza, I feel hungry to see it. I will try it again.

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