We are blocked

city block by stefan skiera suburbs egypt cairo, architecture dense social housing towers blogs urban space planning

beautiful and almost surreal photograph of a dense city block in the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt / by Stefan Skiera


  1. Reblogged this on My Blog impostor in me and commented:
    Together we live, sandwiched sardines, huddled and bundled up, there are few screams but then we are together and somewhat are neighbors, not vertically too..each balcony has a view to see over the city..and sometimes a handshake is possible for me..even an apple is passed , I see..Looks very disturbing to the onlookers eyes, but inside there are laughter and smiles.

  2. Is that Megacity One from Judge Dredd?

  3. Beautiful, But I cant understand clear. Thank you for your re-blog.

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