1. eldinsmille said:

    How cool!

  2. Amazing: Stationed in Newfoundland back in 1964 and 1965 during winter we went thru a forest where the road was two lanes wide and about 5 miles long and the trees came right up to the road…Snowing 265 inches annually made it impossible to see into the forest…Neat but spooky!

  3. I wonder what they have to do to keep that road clear?

  4. not possible. photo would have to be a fake. number one, a snow pack 30+ feet deep in Japan? number 2 … what machine could make a straight one-way cut through a 30+ feet snowpack? ever seen a snowplow? snow pushed off to the side …. even a “giant melter” would then create “glass-like” wall to that snow —- eh. so anyway. not possible.

  5. stephanie rodricks said:

    Reblogged this on inspiration and commented:
    haha .. wow! speechless ..

  6. Amazing although I would just be a little nervous thinking one more snowflake and it all crashes onto the road!

  7. ExemplaryBlog.Com said:

    Amazing picture, check out my Christmas post, I hope you like it.

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