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    …in case anyone happens to be passing through… thanks hovercraftdoggy. Places like this make my heart long…for something I can’t quite grab onto…you know? Hope your weekend has been happy!

  2. Inge said:

    The scenery is beautiful and the picture is well taken. Unfortunately those branches at the top left corner has distracted my POV to the house down there. IMHO :)

  3. I cannot imagine staying there. It scares me just to look at the photo.

  4. Wow! How incredibly beautiful. The sunshine coast is a spectacular bit of the world!

  5. Reblogged this on Bonsology and commented:
    This is such a cool concept and something that I hope I will be able to experience at least once in my life. With a guide to protect me from the monsters of the mountains of course. To wake up and take a step outside into the vast expanse of the rockies with nothing surrounding you but pure wilderness that was the same a thousand years ago as it is now baffles my mind. To know that there is such a place that exists and its just around the corner from where I live leaves me wondering how I should really be spending my holidays this year. hmmmm. Go on a cruise? or go backpacking across Sunshine Coast, BC for free.

    You be the judge.

  6. Something (sort of) close to home! Beautiful! I wonder if someone lives there…

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