Tin Hat Hut

mountain winter cabin snow nature landscape view romantic weekend getaway travel beautiful peace serenity

Tin Hat Mountain Hut along the Sunshine Coast Trail in Powell River, British Columbia, Canada.

/// unknown photographer / read more here


  1. Reblogged this on Sage&Scarlet/To Watch Her Unfold and commented:
    …in case anyone happens to be passing through… thanks hovercraftdoggy. Places like this make my heart long…for something I can’t quite grab onto…you know? Hope your weekend has been happy!

  2. The scenery is beautiful and the picture is well taken. Unfortunately those branches at the top left corner has distracted my POV to the house down there. IMHO :)

  3. I cannot imagine staying there. It scares me just to look at the photo.

  4. Wow! How incredibly beautiful. The sunshine coast is a spectacular bit of the world!

  5. Reblogged this on Bonsology and commented:
    This is such a cool concept and something that I hope I will be able to experience at least once in my life. With a guide to protect me from the monsters of the mountains of course. To wake up and take a step outside into the vast expanse of the rockies with nothing surrounding you but pure wilderness that was the same a thousand years ago as it is now baffles my mind. To know that there is such a place that exists and its just around the corner from where I live leaves me wondering how I should really be spending my holidays this year. hmmmm. Go on a cruise? or go backpacking across Sunshine Coast, BC for free.

    You be the judge.

  6. Something (sort of) close to home! Beautiful! I wonder if someone lives there…

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