We find our way

tain tracks mace photoshop train station budapest lines intersection confusing mess wires tracks lightroom photoshop edited editing composition

‘Veins of Metal’ – photograph showing the intricacies of an intersecting mace made up of lines, wires and train tracks / by Miguel Pires

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  1. dakegra says:

    Reblogged this on espresso coco and commented:
    Currently reading China MiĆ©ville’s excellent Railsea, and this photo struck me as exactly how I’d imagined bits of it.

  2. Rob Moses says:

    This is sick! Good job :)

  3. Goodness gracious – I doubt I’d ever find my way through that maze!

  4. alisonsye says:

    Love this picture – so intricate, amazing

  5. Where is this? It’s a fascinating photo.

  6. razorcandy says:

    train track are awesome

  7. Beautiful, haunting humanity.

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