We nap amongst the books

library bookshelf home books reading living interior design architecture ladder high book case

`Summer Reading` Photograph of a beautiful private library space with a tall bookshelf and ladder, featured in Covet Garden / unknown photographer


  1. Looks like my dream house in my dream location

  2. Agree, that would be one very good room to have in my home. My family would be in their element with all those book!

  3. This is my idea of the perfect home!

  4. Reblogged this on 115 journals and commented:
    How do they know where the book wanted is?

  5. Caroline

    If only we could retrieve knowledge through osmosis!

  6. What a room to relax in!
    (but I could not see the chocolate biscuits and coffee machine)
    so then their must be a maid! (lol)!

  7. My house is full of books that I have read and leave around for decorative purposes. I have to say I would be quite stressed walking into that room. a room full of UNread books…lots of reading to do!! Still I do most reading on holiday and in down time so maybe it’s a hint I should take more time off?

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