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Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, – the fourth biggest church in the world with its large dome of 42 meters in diameter by famous Renaissance architect and engineer Filippo Brunelleschi / Piazza del Duomo, Florence, Italy.

Unknown photographer






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  1. robincoyle says:

    Happy to say I’ve been there!

    1. ah..very nice :) we are hoping to go in the next 12 months!

  2. Fitchy says:

    This is the most beautiful place I have been to. I loved every minute. We drank wine and ate pizza at a little place in Piazza Duomo with almost exactly that view! Hard to leave.

    1. ah…we are very jealous now ;) ..hopefully we will be able to do the same soon..

  3. Rivenrod says:

    . . . aah, such memories. My girlfriend at the time dumped me on the corner. Just there where the sunshine reaches the buildings on the left.


    1. ah..well that was not very nice then! :/

  4. colormusing says:

    Just saw a program about Florence on PBS last night, but they didn’t show this cathedral! Magnificent!

  5. looking nice, royal and very beautiful place. thank you.

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