We want a bed everywhere

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Photograph of a cool teardrop camper in the forest.

40 thoughts on “We want a bed everywhere

  1. At the kind of temperature we are having in metro Manila. I think this thing is a very cool solution to have a sound sleep at night. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. Now there’s strange. We’ve just been looking at these as a possiblity, (ideal for us as we’re v small folk) but being cheapskate, no extra parking space that’s allowable round here etc etc, we’ve gone and bought an old trad one on the basis of pennies and getting us getting old and a friend was happy to house it for us (now he tells us). These little ones are great and there’s quite a variety we came across. This lovely one looks so bright and inviting. Lovely photo – thanks for sharing it ;)

  3. thanks for looking at my blog! love the little teardrop trailer. is it a new one? we have an old serro scotty, partially refit. this is inspiration, and thank you.

  4. I like more space than that. And no more tenting for me! I’ve of an age where I don’t want to be “trapped” indoors in that space when it decides to rain on my parade. Great pic though! I know people that use a camper like that one.

  5. I would love to have one of these just to park in the yard so I’d have a cute little place all my own for alone time. It’s adorable!

  6. That is cool. One of my sons bought a Safari camper. Set him back some 80 grand. He could have saved himself some money buying this. One problem though. He and his wife have three little boys. I guess you could stuff two on the shelves and one at the foot end of the bed. A little cramped, but hey, if you can save a buck why not?
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my ditty about our forty-fifth anniversary. Hope you will make that mile stone too.

  7. It would be perfect to take on a photo safari around the country. Nice take.

  8. Love the pic. This bed-on-wheels looks so lightweight- easy on gas and engine for a small to medium sized car…or am I just imagining that?

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