We are full of it

Photograph of stacked shipping containers, architecture, photo, strucutre, metal box, shipping, transport, logistics
Photograph of stacked shipping containers
photography by David Foster Nass

7 thoughts on “We are full of it

  1. My boyfriend is a transport truck driver so he would love this picture! I have done a few shots like this and made art for him for our apartment. Great job! I love the color.

  2. powerful, feels ancient and modern to me at the same time. Port… industrial setting… going out into the vast oceans, ship horns, unbeknownst to what lies ahead… ah sorry, thoughts wandered off =P Beautiful shot guys, dit is echt wel, wunderschoen!

  3. Wow! I could just click forever on your blog! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, SO VERY MUCH LOVE IT!!!

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