We wont miss the rainy days

Italy – Venice “Calle dei Botteri architecture rain city urban houses windows medieval traditional buildings texture facades beautiful vintage photography photo photographer image tumblr flickr

Italy – Venice “Calle dei Botteri” by Fabrizio Fenoglio

24 thoughts on “We wont miss the rainy days

  1. Absolutely love this! I’m Italian myself but due to personal circumstances I’ve only ever visited Italy 4 times in my whole life – mainly the south east region of Puglia! I hope to move to Italy very soon! Good post!

  2. hey, jeez, fabulous blog!
    No really, you’re funny, serious, smart, whimsical…fury – you’re fury!

    Good, good stuff! I’m glad I found you…although you just liked a blog code on my site!

    hahaha! Onward!

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