We find our way

VW Bus driving through a large tree in forest  travel roadtrip photography photo car bus vintage cool tunnel tree drive through

Sequoia Tunnel Tree, Mariposa Grove of Yosemite National Park, California /  unknown photographer



19 thoughts on “We find our way

  1. I haven’t been there; nor has Lofty (see my gravatar). We’re both hoping we’re not too old to make it in the future but we’re a bit older, both of us, than the ‘guy’ in the tree. Fun picture.

  2. I always thought that image was interesting, if not absolutely cool. But then in 2005 I spent the better part of a week among those majestic trees. And as things often change with one over the years, I now feel differently.

  3. We toured Yosemite in a 1966 VW Camper (or House Car as they were classified at that time) back in 1972. Got a ticket for holding up traffic on one of our trips up the mountains. VW did great going down mountains but was pretty slow on the ascent. Husband is in process of restoring the camper which we still have. Will have to hit road again.

    1. A ticket? If your going up a mountain why would you want to go fast? My VW, not quite as old as yours (see gravatar) is even slower on hills – just a bit – since converting to LPG; but at 10.5 pence a mile – around 15 cents US I think – cheaper than it was running on petrol I guess I can stand a ticket or two. Good luck with the restoration.

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