We are settling in

suitcases vintage design photography interior design shelves decoration architecture reused recycle innovative
Photograph of innovative suitcase shelving

Reused vintage suitcase shelving by Ki Nassauer

17 thoughts on “We are settling in

  1. Reblogged this on Obsessive Compulsive Interior Designer? and commented:
    Working where I work (The Eden Project) I spend a good 12+ hours a day honking on about recycling, and not wasting stuff, and reusing things, and sustainable shit, so you’d think I’d projectile vomit on anything old and recycled to be A WHOLE NEW THING. But I quite like these. Having a landlord that doesnt even want his tennants to contact him directly (I’ve thought about it long and hard and I cant work it out either, seeing as he lives opposite) I doubt he’d appreciate me calling up, asking if I can chop a load of suitcases up and No-More-Nail-s it to the wall. So maybe some stand alone shelving? And the hunt for suitcases begins….

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