We hate you

series, set of vintage alarm clocks on a shelf old retro clock watch time design photography photo getting out of bed waking up ringing bell
series, set of vintage alarm clock

unknown photographer

14 thoughts on “We hate you

  1. Ah….that is highly unfair. Poor things…I feel sorry for them.
    Imagine the abuse these sweeties have had to deal with all their working life. Every day starts with a hard bang on their poor little heads. How many of these cute handmade clocks have been tossed in a corner of the sleeping room?
    No, we should stop the hate and ask for their forgiveness.

  2. A great clock has character. Yes, I hate it going off in the morning, and puzzling the exact time out of a watch face such as these can be frustrating, but I love the look and feel of a clock. There’s something classy about them. They summon the images of people with pocket watches and anything vintage. A clock with ticking hands makes a soothing background sound, and reminds me of less frantic times, before everything went digital. Besides, how would I get through my day to day life without them? I can no longer tell the time of the day just by the position of the sun in the sky.

  3. I’d hate them if I was around when they all went off, however they are all different times so that would take in incredible feat of timing to make that happen. I hate people who’d take the time to make that happen too.

  4. I really miss old alarm clock, cause i dont hear mobile phone at all in a morning…. Should find one … Just for fun. :)

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