Do you have a Hovercraftdoggy?

hovercraftdoggy dog doggy cute puppy fluffy running sprinting flying jumping dog thorugh door photography photo image

Two cute dogs simultaneously running / jumping through a door / photograph by Caity Bird

20 thoughts on “Do you have a Hovercraftdoggy?

      1. Right! the poodle personality is obvious. Superb dog, and the smaller bird dog is a beaut also. Thank you!

  1. I do have a ‘hovercraft doggy’, a white/buff Cockapoo — I just have to catch her in motion! I’ll try.

    P.S. Thanks for visiting Catty Callie’s blog ( She, however,
    most definitely does *not* hover; she only reposes, and regally, and disdains most dogs, hovering or otherwise!

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