We give thanks

elephant cute child hugging an elefant true friendship love romance black and white photograph
Real friends stick together when times are tough, they’re always a shoulder to lean on, whether you can see them or not, a true friend might not have money, but they always have a lot of love to give, they like you for who you are, regardless of size, shape, color, species, or age. Real friends won’t let you do stupid things alone, they’ll give you a ride, go for a ride, keep an eye out for you, have your back, and stop you from doing something stupid. True friends won’t leave your side, they’ll keep you warm, give you a boost, be there when you’re down, protect you, and be your eyes when you can’t see. And real friends will never give up on you, let fame or money get to their head, and they’ll always tell it like it is. You actually want to hang out with your real friends in real life, and seriously listen to each other. True friends are forever.

black and white photograph of a child hugging an elephant / photograph by John Drysdale

22 thoughts on “We give thanks

  1. All that people see, is the elephant. I would say, to every one, you are illiterate, you can’e even read, but you do comment. I don’t even have a dog, but I wish I had such friends, as the author says.

  2. Reblogged this on Tales of Energy and commented:
    Connections between living beings are more than important, are exactly what keep us going and gives us the energy to continue living in a worthy manner. Let’s celebrate friendship by opening our channels of bonding and connections.

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