We have a little hangover

Bart Hess is known to take the already extraordinary to the next highest level with his alternative take on combining new materials and ideas. From designing Lady Gaga’s famed slime dress to establishing his own personal stylistic signature, Hess has developed projects in collaboration with different names and personalities in the fashion and music industry. His harmonic use of unexpected materials in almost disruptive scenarios has conceded him to make a mark in different disciplines, breaking down the rules of conventionality in all of them.  His latest project, in collaboration with HeyHeyHey, a dutch design studio, for the 2011 STRP Art and Technology Festival campaign features the STRP mutants. The festival combinates art, music and technology, where robots, concerts, movies and so forth, will  feature a 360 degree experience throughout the three disciplines.  Along with the fantastic set of pictures, a teaser featuring the Hess’s supernatural mutants was released to promote the festival. As Bart himself said, these creatures covered in glistening skin are born from the concept of transformation; in particular, the movement of the constant change in the boundaries between art, technology and music. The face-less mutants stand in confident super-hero poses, although struggling with the layer of skin between them and the outside world. Despite the fact that the shape within the mutant is somewhat human, they arouse feelings of tension and a peculiar eerieness revolving around the discovery of the unknown. Bart Hess has proved us, once again, that a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

‘STRP Mutants’ / Costume art by HEYHEYHEY & Bart Hess

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