We pop

Low-Tech Factory / Oncle Sam by Laurent Beirnaert, Pierre Bouvier, Paul Tubiana popcorn food innovative machine design manufacturing factory cool innovation

university of art and design lausanne/ECAL students laurent beirnaert, pierre bouvier and paul tubiana presented their popcorn making machine 'oncle sam' as part of the 'low-tech factory' exhibition at designers' saturday in langenthal, switzerland. the project was an outcome of re-interpreting and experimenting with manufacturing processes, whereby the master and bachelor students tackled the production of the universally accepted cinema food - popcorn.  the transformation focuses on a single raw kernel at a time, where an elaborate contraption orchestrates the ingredients in a charmingly grandiose fashion. a tea-light candle heats a solitary grain in oil, which after some time, explodes into the fluffy result - and of course seasoned with salt for taste. the concept was exhibited over two days during the event in the ruckstuhl building - one of the multiple factories around langenthal temporarily converted into expansive exhibition spaces showcasing various designs and products.  the work celebrates and values the means by which a product is created - slowing down a type of manufacture that is usually en masse to a visual spectacle that can be appreciated, acknowledged and savored.

ECAL low-tech factory – Uncle Sam Single Kernel Popcorn Machine / photographs by Nicolas Genta

see how it works in the video here

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