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large hadron collider cern switzerland LHC atlas experiment technology physics

large hadron collider cern switzerland physics experiement atom particles construction technology photograph high resolution

Large Hadron Collider LHC, Maximilien Brice / © 2012 CERN

15 thoughts on “We are geeks

  1. Reblogged this on Gia On The Move… and commented:
    In 2009, I motivated and did the publicity for a talented dance choreographer who created a a short Pas de Quatre Ballet which premiered in Los Angeles, CA. It was loosely based around what CERN was doing with the Hadron Collider interwoven with the powerful energy of four Hollywood starlets. I also got to experience an off the wall comedy called, The God Particle Complex, during the Hollywood Fringe festival this past summer which played out the “accelerated effects” of time gone awry. So what an amazing thing to see this awesome piece of machinery much more up close (courtesy of hovercraftdoggie). #WhyGeeksAreAwesome

    1. thank you for the reblog :) .. sounds very interesting what you have been up to in relation to the LHC :)

  2. I have one of those in the back garden. No joke. Not Atlas (which is the one portrayed here) but one of the smaller experiments on the LHC (the LHCb) runs just outside the street where we live here on the border between Switzerland and France. In fact, my husband works for it and we have been down to see it – it really is oddly beautiful, no matter if you are a science geek or not.
    The best explanation of the LHC and its experiments is this LHC rap song:

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