Communist Heaven

chinese real estate developmen Huaxi Xun thousing architecture communism shares china travel trip village thousand rows of houses look a like

Houses in Huaxi Xun, a devoted communist village 2 hours from Shanghai, China that calls itself the number one village under heaven’. The idea behind the village is that everyone holds shares in its industries, mainly steel and agriculture, and they all live in similar houses that they get for their shares, rather than actually paying for them with money.  The man who hosted us proudly proclaimed that Huaxi Xun has no poor people, and everyone in the village has about $200,000 per year, a huge sum in China. / visit Emily Hartley’s blog to read more.





6 thoughts on “Communist Heaven

  1. “Number One Village Under Heaven” is a literal translation of “tian Sia”. Chinese used the word “tian” (heaven) quite differently depending on context. “Tian Sia ” refereed to China, rather than heaven. Similarly, “zhong guo” (China) was often given a geo-political translation by the west – “centre of the world or middle kingdom, instead of confucian “zhong”.

  2. Wow. Even their trees match. Being American, it’s hard for me to grasp so little room for individuality. And I have yet to hear of any Communist community that was actually successful in the long term. Maybe the two are related??

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