We are on the edge

dover coast white cliffs england  cover chalk stone landscape coast england uk great britain nature travel visit places tourist attraction sea ocean spring rocks

The chalk headland of ‘Beachy Head’ and ‘the Seven Sisters’, Southern England / beautifully photographed by Oliver Sterk


9 thoughts on “We are on the edge

  1. That doesn’t look like the white cliffs, it looks more like Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters. Could be just round from me though. My house has the White Cliffs directly behind it. Makes the water very chalky :lol:

  2. Reblogged this on bunnyhopscotch and commented:
    It has been such a long, long time, since I saw this beautiful sight. An age ago, a different life, a different time and space. Friendships you make that swear themselves forever, but ’tis naivety to believe such utterances. I know now. Perhaps, some day, I shall see these cliffs again. But it will be from an entirely different existential space. Beautiful. Regardless.

  3. Very nice picture, but I think it’s the wrong way round, if you look at Beachy Head from the sea, the Seven Sisters are on the left

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