We sit infront of the fire

city of petra ancient history travel jordan rock landscape nature

Ancient City of Petra, Jordan by Candlelight, photographed by Andrew Waddington



4 thoughts on “We sit infront of the fire

  1. This was a holy city built by a pious good man and his sons
    there is more than 707 secret cisterns to gather rain
    there was running water and underground pipes
    fountains greeted amazed visitors
    there was an order of nuns
    their gold horde is there
    it is in a secret cistern
    sons of solomon
    are great selah
    water is life
    water is a womb
    we are born in water
    so we shall return to water
    when i was the Nature Director
    of Camp Jordan in 1991 i surveyed
    i decided تراء, Al-Batrā or Petra as water works
    dust to dust you lift up to 35053 feet and water condenses
    without dust you cannot be water returning to water so it RAINS

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