You have a choice! #2

Thorsten Schmidtkord (3)


Boys and Girls, time has come…again.

After our first so called ‘Theme Week’ at the start of February – hoping you enjoyed it as much as we did, we thought we would give it another go:

Next week, each post on Hovercraftdoggy will be inspired or revolve around a certain theme – which you get to pick below!

Please leave a comment to cast your vote for one of the following 5 themes. The one with the most number of votes cast here and on our social media sites, will be the theme for the coming week, beginning on monday… spoiled for choice:

1 – Color

2 – Light

3 – Portraiture

4 – Miniature

5 – Animal Kingdom

..let’s hear it people…Have a nice weekend!

/ photograph from the series ‘Head on Top’ by German photographer Thorsten Schmidtkord

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