We are back to business

Wet Dog by Sophie Gamand (2) Wet Dog by Sophie Gamand (3) Wet Dog by Sophie Gamand (1)wetdog08 wetdog09 wetdog21 wetdog05 wetdog02

After a little holiday, we are back with a bang – a hilarious one:

From her series “Wet Dog” – a fantastic set of dog portraits by photographer Sophie Gamand of Striking Paws. Words from her website:

Wet Dog is a series of portraits of dogs caught mid-bath, by photographer Sophie Gamand. The way the water plays with their hair in a very painterly manner, and their facial expressions as the water is poured on them creates striking portraits. The dogs are caught at a vulnerable moment, half a second before they shake the water off their fur. The series was done in collaboration with groomer and pet stylist Ruben Santana. Beside the esthetic aspect of grooming, it is also a necessary routine for dogs and helps prevent diseases and infection.
Through her photography, Sophie Gamand explores the complex relationship between dogs and humans. She also wishes to challenge that bond: how far do we take our relationship to our pets? How much are dogs willing to accept to maintain this bond? There is a lot of co-dependance in the dog/human dynamic. With her work, Sophie Gamand wants others to see dogs for what they are: more than just animals. They are life companions. When she photographs dogs, she looks for the human in them: an expression, the life in their eyes, a smile. It’s almost as if humans and dogs are morphing into one-another. It’s more than just anthropomorphism though. Sophie doesn’t try to attribute human qualities to dogs. She tries to capture the ones that she believes are already there.

9 thoughts on “We are back to business

  1. Great pictures, isn’t it amazing that they all either look angry or sad, none of them seem to like this one bit. I know my five dogs would look just like these if we did this to them. :)

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