Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan12 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan11 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan10 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan9 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan8 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan7 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan6 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan5 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan4 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan3 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan2 Herringbone-House-by-Atelier-ChanChan1

The beautiful ‘Herringbone House’ by London based Atelier ChanChan in Islington, London. Photographs by Mike Tsang.

Words from the architect:

The house aims to relate to its context by taking the syntax of the local vernacular: namely gable ended roofs and the brick material of the Victorian terraces. However, the open plan interiors with ceiling to floor windows, skylights and courtyards are supported by a modern steel structure.

The combination making for a modern vernacular house inspired by the old to create something new. The ornamental herringbone brickwork was used to create personal expression and to articulate the picture windows and volumes by using framing, pattern and variety in the laying of the bricks.

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