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Gym Turned Into Beautiful Concert Hall (1)Gym Turned Into Beautiful Concert Hall (3)Gym Turned Into Beautiful Concert Hall (2)arcus-temporium-A-Concert-Hall-in-the-Archabbey-of-Pannonhalma-yatzer-10 arcus-temporium-A-Concert-Hall-in-the-Archabbey-of-Pannonhalma-yatzer-13 arcus-temporium-A-Concert-Hall-in-the-Archabbey-of-Pannonhalma-yatzer-4 arcus-temporium-A-Concert-Hall-in-the-Archabbey-of-Pannonhalma-yatzer-9

A Gym transformed into a concert hall in the Pannonhalma Archabbey, Hungary by three young Hungarian architects Dániel Baló, Dániel Eke and Zoltán Kalászi. Photography by Tamás Bujnovszky.

Words from the architects: >> In order to create an interior which was suitable for classical concerts, first of all we had to somehow fade out the gym’s characteristic appearance and find a suitable cover. But further on, we were eager to form an atmosphere that would compliment musical events and to then partition the homogenous space through gentle transitions. We therefore created a spatial structure built from two items: This included the creation of an interacting translucent media system and a geometric grid of point lights. The media system’s hanging layers are made out of a thermally bonded non-woven geotextile fabric. As the fabric dominates over the beams and walls, we then blurred the room’s boarders through the use of different outlines and the translucent, opalescent texture of the fabric’s layers. We also defined the locations of the two main functions, these being the auditorium and stage. The point lights themselves are made from light bulbs which emit equal intensity light and hang in equal distance at the nodes of a square raster. These bulbs are hidden among the waving textile layers above the auditorium, and come into view above the stage thus bringing the musicians into focus. With the use of the textile layers, we succeeded in improving the room’s acoustics whereby the hanging ribs dampened the sharp reflecting sounds dispersing them through the space. This in turn, generated a more comfortable atmosphere and optimized the musical experience.<<

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