We are running free

Levitate-528x319 Creepin-528x340 Gargoyle-528x323 Kings-Cross-Dash--528x307 Stride-528x324 Man-Mortar-528x337

‘Man & Mortar’ – photo series by Jason Paul, capturing fellow athlete parkour world champion Tim Shieff as he runs free around the city of London – naked.

The prints are now exclusively available to buy on Beautiful Crime and the project is supported by The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver, with a percentage of all print sales going to his charity, the Fifteen apprentice programme.

 This collection of stunning images was inspired by the juxtaposition found within the architecture of modern Greek cities, with surviving statues and monuments of the ancient world – which they’ve then transposed to the iconic urban landscapes of Central London. Both professional athletes and World champions within the discipline of Parkour, ‘The Art of Movement’, it was Tim and Paul’s physical abilities that facilitated their access to photographic locations beyond the reach of normal photographers and models.

Jason and Tim were interested in examining how within everyday life, we casually accept – or fail to even notice – artistic effigies of the naked human form such as statues or paintings, yet the sight of uncovered flesh within the same space generates consternation and surprise.

Talking about the project,  leading parkour Jason Paul says: ”Lots of the London architecture we shot against has a square, rigid and linear feel to it, contrasting starkly with the curves of the athletic, natural human form.”

Tim Shieff, World free run champion and close friend of The Naked Chef Jamie Oliver adds that, “People are often disconnected from their own human form within their daily lives, we wanted to play with the idea of presenting our natural state within the urban straightjacket of conformity.”

Collectively they wanted to make a difference with this unique project and have therefore decided to donate a proportion of each print sold to Jamie’s charity for disadvantaged teenagers, the Fifteen apprentice programme.

Tim, who regularly appears on Jamie’s Youtube channel ‘Food Tube’  as a leading figure within the contemporary Vegan and raw food movement, felt that the inspiring nature of the pictures – promoting body image confidence – sits perfectly with the values and goals of the Fifteen charity. (text via beautifulcrime.com)


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