photography light long exposure art artistic night shutter speed canon effect

Photo of an urban skateboard platform that is full of light sparkles spinning around like a rain of light. The photo is one of the awarded photos from the Sony photography Awards of 2013, by photographer Robert Gifford


We need some solitude

hong kong street temple street busy street signs lights night evening dark neon lights urban city dense population architecture travel asia china city growth

Temple Street in Hong Kong / unknown photographer



We miss the city lights

lights city flow traffic cars urbanscape metropolis glam hectic city flow night lights entertaining black and white fun photography animation motion photo
Animation of the hectic flow of car – lights in the sleepless metropolis

Animation of the hectic flow of car – lights in the sleepless metropolis

We are on the edge

edge architecture balconies organic architecture dutch facade oma sharp triangular shapes cantilever architectural photography wordpress architecture best blog tumblr photography black and white monochrome

VM Houses, Copenhagen, Denmark by BIG + JDS = PLOT architects / photography by Kim Høltermand

Morning in the Dark

dark night berlin lights window morning snow winter skyline architecture urban germany calm quite morning black and white vintage photography best blog
Beautiful photograph of a dark winter morning in Berlin

photograph by Akos Major

We lose count

urban patterns muster reflection in glass facade of a tall high rise skyscraper building in the streets of new york city manthattan usa traffic cars buildings architecture urban grid view point ariel perspective strange cool shot modern architecure photography great photo blog on wordpress

Intersection NYC – Cool perspective photograph down the glass facade of a high rise building in New York City, with the traffic and surrounding buildings in the street reflecting in the glass facade of the skyscraper /  by Navid Baraty


We lost track

tracks train railway photography net cables network overlapping train tracks lost Julio saguar net art photography urban city photographer

Photograph of a train track network – ‘the Net’ by artist Julio Lopez Saguar