We are confused

Aerial Pattern Photography by Alex MacLean3 Aerial Photographer Alex MacLean turns his camera on the colorful, exhilarating world of America at play. From the beauty of perfectly symmetrical sport stadiums to the spaghetti - like tangles of theme parks to sunbathers on a stretch of splendid beach, he illuminates how we inhabit the land and the potential of modern planning to create spectacular environments. photography photos urban roads amusement park theme park entertainment landscape colorful

Aerial photo of spaghetti  like tangled slides in a colorful theme park, by Alex MacLean

We miss the city lights

lights city flow traffic cars urbanscape metropolis glam hectic city flow night lights entertaining black and white fun photography animation motion photo
Animation of the hectic flow of car – lights in the sleepless metropolis

Animation of the hectic flow of car – lights in the sleepless metropolis

We are lost

green rollercoaster grass amusement park fun ride photography abstract mist fog photograph mystery
photography of an old, abandoned roller coaster in the fog

unknown photographer

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We construct

construction, building, fantasy, dream, photography, photo, art, architecture, mechanical, mechanic, machine, french artists, sculpture, technology, ballons, steel, legs, creature, robot

‘la Machine’ photographed by Hartmut Bosener

We are out

X, vorbidden, light, art, edgy, installation, light installation, lighting, urban, LED, graffiti, letter, sign, exit, deadend, symbol, neon, stage art, performance, concert, xx music
Light installation of the letter “X

Unknown photographer

We need a little attention

black and white photograph of a cute baby owl lovely owl animal fluffy beautiful small strocking petting pet bird wildlife photography ohh tumblr image photo

Black and white photograph of a cute baby owl / watch ‘Lovely Owl’ on youtube here