We nap

bed interior design floor bed bedroom furniture interior design sunken bed into floor hidden heating and storage space architecture

‘Japanese Bed’ designed by Oliver Peak: “This was an interesting commission. The client wanted an entirely sunken bed with hidden storage and invisible heating! We couldn’t go down as it was on the first floor so we raised it up. A simple solution elegantly executed, the floor lifts up to reveal storage ‘bins’ with a matching stepped drawer unit.”


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We do things different

bulp pendant lamp design light bulp pendant lamp design light bulp pendant lamp design light

Cool Lamp Design by Hirono Tsuboi



We Design

This refined shed is the first of several new buildings to be constructed as part of a small cluster that includes an 1840s cottage at a historic farming property in Tasmania. Built on the site of the original shearing shed, the 130-square-metre building with modest accommodation for eight shearers, rural contractors and visitors has been settled into the land, almost tailored to the landscape, such that it sits in deference to, and in contrast with, the original homestead perched on the cliff. Other inspired contextual relationships have been formed by aligning the building with the fall of the land on the south and the line of the 1840s cottage on the north. The skillion on the west transforms to a wide gable as the plan broadens to make space for the communal room and to open towards a view over the ocean. Very much a sophisticated shed that has been built using many recycled materials, sheeted externally in corrugated galvanized iron and beautifully lined internally entirely with timber, each of its rooms enjoys a different framed view of the landscape and benefits from a well-tempered environment year-round via passive systems.

Photograph of a wooden cabin in Tasmania by John Wardle architects, by Trevor Main

Breakfast Table

modernMingus, Cecilie Manz  timber interior design architecture style decoration furniture lamps seats table wall

Mingus Pendant Lamp, by designer Cecilie Manz


We want to fly away

flying couch design photography ballon red hovering sofa chinese kid child ballon bench artistic photography interior furniture design blog wordpress tumblr

Balloon Bench by Japanese studio h220430

In reality the bench is suspended from the ceiling by 4 anchors concealed by the balloon shapes.This creates the illusion of the bench being lifted by balloons.



We stay organized

cardboard furniture interior design architecture photography great architecture design blog on wordpress tumblr cool craft art furniture paper sustainable recycled cardboard ikea

Karton: Cardboard Furniture by designer Hans Peter-Stange

Coffee Company

coffe company design chair furniture modern lamp lighting decor decoration interior design style modern architecture photography blog best interior design tumblr Moooi Dear Ingo black-rimmed tentacle lamp

Cocotte, Little India, Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore with a Moooi Dear Ingo black-rimmed tentacle lamp

We are turning the lights back on

lights design lighting lamp furniture interior design modern architecture lamp desk table office work style decoration interior photography best blog on wordpress tumblr french design icon

Serge Mouille Lamps / photograph by Elle Decoration UK

We need it simple

organic architecture 3D drawing texture pattern photography image system particles modules shapes assembly

Organic Ceiling Pattern by Belzberg Architects

We camouflage

Julian Hoeber camouflage, wooden chamber interior 3D formed hanging chair minimalistic design interior design photography volume geometries

“Gravitational mystery spots” wooden installation that defies physics by Julian Hoeber

Floating glow

ballon light, design, product design, industrial design, interior, night glow dark room photography, photos,
Photograph of a floating ballon lamp

Ballon lamp designed by studio Crous Calogero


apartment, design, interior design, photography, photos, colorful textures carpet interior living room cosy hanging carpet pattern

Apartment interior in Copenhagen restored by Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhaver 

Cardboard Interior

cardboard interior furniture design folded architecture sustainable recylced interior art photography photo image karton pappe möbel
cardboard interior furniture design

cardboard interior furniture design architecture

Carboard furniture by Karton

We gather up

hats nendo hats fashion design, hanging white hats design product hovering over big room floating , Hirata Akio Nendo Hirata no Boshi

Non – wooven fabric hats by Hirata Akio and Nendo

We are lighter

Fruits Wall Lamp and Fruits Table Lamp from S&O Design2, design, product design, installation, composition , interior design product balloon fruit colourful fruit like cool interior
Fruits Wall Lamp and Fruits Table Lamp from S&O Design2

Fruits Wall Lamp and Fruits Table Lamp from Hisakazu Shimizu

Buttocks in Danger

Arne Jacobsen, truly scrumptious, the big chair project, Julien MacDonald, design, product design, fundraising, art, auction, designer, cool, forks chair colouful plastic jamie oliver seat stuhl kunst art innovative

Photo of the “Truly Scrumptious” chair designed by Julien Macdonald for the Big chair project

We hover

Hot air ballon desk by Liam Murphy interior design furniture decoration style innovative cool ballons photo architecture wood white modern inteior architecture photography
Hot air ballon desk by Liam Murphy

Hot air ballon desk by Liam Murphy

We are settling in

suitcases vintage design photography interior design shelves decoration architecture reused recycle innovative
Photograph of innovative suitcase shelving

Reused vintage suitcase shelving by Ki Nassauer

We are climbing

escadas steep timber staircase stairs architecture steps wood interior design flat apartment building
Staircase Designed by TAF Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom
space saving steep timber staircase architecture interior design
Staircase Designed by TAF Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom

Staircase Designed by TAF – Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom

We reorganise

cutlery design knife food decoration shelving kitchen modern interior architecture photography photo

Blade / Not Blade exhibition featuring cutlery designers Lorenzi

We stay in

interior design architecture style decoration house colour living flat apartment photography photograph finish scandinavian art decor elle in style
Finish set designer decorating editor stylist Jenni Juurinen.

Interior design by Jenni Juurinnen

We lounge today

wall stickers living room decoration interior design architecture wall furniture photography photo
Modern living room interior design

Wall Stickers by Ferm Living

We slumber

living room interior design architecture modern decoration chair photography photo carpet furniture design

‘Slumber’ chairs by Casalis


design,photo, light, toy, Hong Kong, capsule, chandelier, lamp, interior, toy cars, amazing, fun
Toy – Chandelier called “Capsule” by Design Systems LTD Hong Kong

 by Design Systems Ltd, Hong Kong

Designer Playground

designer playground photography, interior sports, balance beam and rings, tennis balls, decoration colour color
Colourful designer playground interior design

Hanging around

chandelier, light, colorful, bulbs, design, product design, interior design, photography

Chandelier with colorful bulbs.


We are not sure where to go

doors, wall, timber, stairs staircase, architecture photography interior design

We are turning the lights off

light, plumen bulb, light fittings, design
Plumen lights
plumen bulb, lights, lighting, design, furniture
Plumen Lights xxx

“The Plumen bulb

is an eco-friendly and (yes!) attractive alternative to the

incandescent light bulb. It uses 80% less energy and lasts 8 times

longer than traditional light bulbs. It screws into any standard

bulb fitting, gives off a light that works either shaded or bare.”

Popping out

restaurant, paris, france, germain, sculpture, eating, yellow, woman

restaurant, paris, france, germain, sculpture, eating, yellow, woman

We visited restaurant “Germain” in Paris on the weekend

and stumbled upon this yellow lady.

We want to stay there forever…

bed furniture architecture design interior white minimalism

We want to have breakfast there

sun room winter garden home architecture house eating space interior design


We would like this to be our studio

sun room, house, flat, apartment, interior design, living, architecture, photography, studio