We are together

Miyoko Ihara (2)Miyoko Ihara (3)Miyoko Ihara (4)Miyoko Ihara (5)Miyoko Ihara (6)Miyoko Ihara (7)Miyoko Ihara (8)Miyoko Ihara (1)

Miyoko Ihara /// Photo series of the bond between a grandmother and her odd-eyed white cat

We want to disappear

eiffel tower at night Paris France romantic light night in paris love romance beautiful places amazing to visit travel holiday weekeend architecture steel wonders of the world fog mist weather clouds
Beautiful photograph of the Eiffel Tower at night, disappearing into the fog.

Eiffel Tower at Night / photographed by Tallapragada Sriram


romantic paris balloon couple love romace wedding photography cute beautiful
Beautiful romantic photograph of a loving couple kissing underneath large balloons

unknown photographer

We give thanks

elephant cute child hugging an elefant true friendship love romance black and white photograph
Real friends stick together when times are tough, they’re always a shoulder to lean on, whether you can see them or not, a true friend might not have money, but they always have a lot of love to give, they like you for who you are, regardless of size, shape, color, species, or age. Real friends won’t let you do stupid things alone, they’ll give you a ride, go for a ride, keep an eye out for you, have your back, and stop you from doing something stupid. True friends won’t leave your side, they’ll keep you warm, give you a boost, be there when you’re down, protect you, and be your eyes when you can’t see. And real friends will never give up on you, let fame or money get to their head, and they’ll always tell it like it is. You actually want to hang out with your real friends in real life, and seriously listen to each other. True friends are forever.

black and white photograph of a child hugging an elephant / photograph by John Drysdale

We stick together

timber art scultpure carved out wood sculpture exhibition two people kissing love romantic artist art photography love black and white blog wordpress tumblr
ape Town-based artist Wim Botha is originally from the suburban outer reaches of Pretoria. His work is rooted in the officious pretensions of his nation’s capital using government texts, dictionaries, and bibles to create sculptures based on popular iconography such as trophy mounts and religious icons. In most of these works, the carved text of the piece becomes the physical substance of the work, while the collective text informs the representation of the work as well as providing its social context.
The fourth and fifth photos down from the top are shots of Botha’s recent work, Fuse. which is currently part of a group show at Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town through January 14th, 2012. This piece is made of charred fire-resistant pine while all the other sculptures in this post are made of carved texts.

Sculpture Made from Carved Texts by Wim Botha


We stick together

bird animal small mini baby parrots wildlife exotic wild colourful small parrot pair love birds zoo sitting branch travel holiday summer
Colourful photograph of a pair of cute, small parrots sitting together on a branch.

© Hovercraftdoggy

we love

love, photo, aerial photography, landscape, nature, lake, ice, snow, winter, heart, frozen lake romance love romantic

Aerial photograph of a heart shaped frozen lake in a winter landscape by Bernhard Lang

Thinking of You

Thinking of You

loving fingers!

love fingers

…thats how we do it.