Happy New Year

dog puppy animal photography funny cute adorable dog chasing a tennis ball

Happy New Year to all Hovercraftdoggies, Fans & Followers

Adorable, funny photograph of a running dog carrying a tennis bal / photograph ‘ball player’ by Frank Meynet

We build up

reading book art sculpture 3d letters display photo image photography design

Book igloo installation by Miler Lagos

We are looking for a spot

beach, basket, strandkoerbe, strand, sand, ocean, photography, photo, image
Photograph of colourful beach baskets

photography by Joern Oprzynski

We read

We read book face art sculpture reading 3D print facial person photography photograph image

Book & Paper Art by the Unicorn Diaries / Source

We are going high fashion tonight

high fashion photo shoot photoshoot photography editorial water underwater white dress