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Broccoli House by Brock Davis

Today we display an interesting idea that could inspire you to use available resources to create fantastic presents or impress someone close to you with the creativity expressed by this kind of projects. Although there is only one picture, the idea is so interesting that we should try to capture its sentimental value rather than the materialistic feature. The Broccoli House was created by Brock Davis with a simple desire in mind: “I couldn’t build a tree house for my son so I built him a broccoli house instead“. This simple idea was transformed into a fantastic declaration of parental love and I hope that the artist will be soon able to make a full scale tree house for his son. The broccoli was used to replace a real tree and Brock Davis used a craft knife to meticulously carve the tree house out of balsa wood. The result is an adorable little Broccoli House that simply puts a smile on my face.

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day bulb green garden terrain sustainability
Happy Earth Day bulb green garden terrain sustainability