You have a choice! #2

Thorsten Schmidtkord (3)


Boys and Girls, time has come…again.

After our first so called ‘Theme Week’ at the start of February – hoping you enjoyed it as much as we did, we thought we would give it another go:

Next week, each post on Hovercraftdoggy will be inspired or revolve around a certain theme – which you get to pick below!

Please leave a comment to cast your vote for one of the following 5 themes. The one with the most number of votes cast here and on our social media sites, will be the theme for the coming week, beginning on monday… spoiled for choice:

1 – Color

2 – Light

3 – Portraiture

4 – Miniature

5 – Animal Kingdom

..let’s hear it people…Have a nice weekend!

/ photograph from the series ‘Head on Top’ by German photographer Thorsten Schmidtkord

We change

change vote election President Barack Obama change USA Romney democrats republicans pencil art sculpture of barack obama pen head art work of present

‘Barack Obama’ by Ragna Reusch-Klinkenberg