We are special

white baby turtle in a turtle pack of black turtles, albino turtle, animal, water, underwater, wildlife, nature, photography, photo

Photograph of a baby white turtle / Unknown photographer

We float

animation graphic design motion wave water circle rotating floating colour blue curve
wave animation graphic

by Iain Acton

We want to cool down

elephant, sea, water, under water, photo, photography, black and white, nature, walking

Photograph of an elephant walking under water /  by  Stefan U. Daniel Geyer

we love

love, photo, aerial photography, landscape, nature, lake, ice, snow, winter, heart, frozen lake romance love romantic

Aerial photograph of a heart shaped frozen lake in a winter landscape by Bernhard Lang

We are ready for splashing

amazon danbo fun, photo, photography, smile, water, splash, bathtub, duckling, plastic yellow duck, amazon, tumblr, water games, splashing

Amazon Danbo in the bathtub by Vanessa Do

We take a dive

life, swan, animals, photography, beauty, nature, water, swimming, green, lake

Photograph of a swan diving under water by Viktor Lyagushkin



We are in a playful mood

Beijing National Aquatics Center, Water Cube, China architecture, photography, art, photo cool fun siwmming pool

Beijing National Aquatics Center, Water Cube, China

‘Water Cube’ Beijing National Aquatic Center / photographs: Hazel Legate / Matthew Niederhauser